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Email Campaigns

Email Marketing Campaigns to our Large Opted-In Database

Highly regarded as probably the most effective method for generating high quality leads quickly. Put your investment proposal or property development in front of our large database of opted-in subscribers, with a targeted and tracked email broadcast campaign.

Deliverability and Open Rates

Key to a successful email marketing campaign is to ensure that your message receives in-box delivery and has a subject line that will inspire people to open the email and read its content.

Our spam checker tool is constantly updated with what ISP's consider to be a threat or "spam" as it is referred to. This may simply be a word you have used in your subject line or a rogue link in your content.  Our software will alert us to issues within your email that could increase your chances of getting blocked or marked as spam, so we can resolve these issues before we send out the message.

Essential to improving your open rates is having a good subject line. However it is difficult to know what works best until it is tested.

Our subject line selector software allows up to 5 different subject lines to be used, it then sends out the first 5% of the send alternating the subject line. The software then pauses the send for two hours and calculates which subject line has received the best open rate, it will then send the remaining 95% of the send using just that one subject line.

Clients have seen improvements in deliverability and open rates of over 20% when using these testing tools.

Lead Generation - Lifestyle Property and Holiday Home Buyers

Lead Generation - Lifestyle Property and Holiday Home Buyers