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Services Lead Generation - Lifestyle Property and Holiday Home Buyers

Lead Generation - Lifestyle Property and Holiday Home Buyers

Lifestyle Property and Holiday Home Buyer Lead Generation

Property buyers invariably fall into one of two categories – buying a property for investment, or buying property to use and enjoy the lifestyle that comes with the location. Lifestyle and holiday home buyers usually have funds ready to buy and the ability to raise further funding if required – but only for the right property in the right location.

As a result, generating lifestyle property leads requires a different approach that appeals to the prospective buyer’s expectations of quality and location as opposed to rental yields and return on investment percentages.

Conveying the right message makes all the difference when it comes to generating lifestyle property buyer leads – marketing material should reflect this to ensure your product could meet their expectations. Regional information and imagery go a long way to build client confidence as early as possible so when your sales team speak to them, they know they are in good hands.

Lead Search Express can promote existing marketing material and assist with creating new ad copy & creatives to generate high quality lifestyle and holiday home buyer enquiries.

All lifestyle property buyers and holiday home enquiries generated are opt-in only, TPS screened and verified – all from our UK call center with only native English speaking staff ensuring the highest quality property buyer leads are passed to you and have an interest in property in your location.

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